Directress Message

Directress Message

Thank you for choosing to visit the webpage of the Gagan Public School for Better Beginnings, one of the premier academic institutions in Aligarh City. For over two decade, we have been working to develop students who are well-rounded and are prepared to face challenges in the future.
The School has successfully strike a balance of academic and co-curricular activities. It has succeeded in finding out and making use of each student’s God-given potential. At GPS, each child is smart in his/her own way. Achievements are not limited to academic prowess but also to talents and skills that are as important as excelling in Science, Math and English. School has also shown each one, that one’s godliness is not a matter of religion, but having a sense of spirituality that glorifies the Almighty through a deeper sense of purpose grounded on gratitude, love, grace and mercy.
We take inspiration from those who continue to trust us, from our teachers and staff who passionately share our vision-mission, from a number of parents who painstakingly take part in our endeavor, and from our beloved students whose innocence, laughter, smiles and idiosyncrasies are more than enough to make my day, to lift my spirit from the mundane, and to help me cope with the rigors of life.
Our staff is prepared to reach these goals by recognizing each child, sensitive periods which are periods of intense fascination when learning a particular characteristic or skill and, as always, each child will learn at his/her own pace. Our goals are to develop self-esteem, order, independence and respect in our students for themselves, for others and for their environment. 
Mrs. S. B. Sharma